Friday, December 4, 2009

Tri Loom Weaving

I have recently been weaving on a triangle loom and really enjoying it. My dad has decided after I begged him to make me one that someone has to offer triangle looms for a great deal less than companies are charging now. He has asked me to post on my site and ask if there would be an interest for more affordable triangle looms. Theyre great for using up leftover yarn and making shawls and triangle scarves. Due to the nature of the triangle loom you weave with one continuos strand and you dont need to prepare the loom with warp threads. You just grab it and go! Pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some People Have Been asking...

What Happened to Bandit? The day after Randy announced he was divorcing me he called and told me Bandit had died. Then hung up. A while later I heard that all the sudden there were dogs being born all around the village that Bandit had fathered. He was such a precious dog and its so hard everytime I think about it. It was hard leaving Bandit behind but he was always happiest with Randy. RIP Bandit Maximus Ramotar

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Off.

It's my day off! Yay!!! I slept in until noon for the first time in a long time. It was very enjoyable :) I've been hooping and making friendship bracelets since I woke up. I'm trying to be more sociable lol. It's been interesting. I've been posting some new photos on my myspace from my phone so if you want to check them out
I've been checking the mail like a crazy person waiting for my bluetooth headset to get here because the corded one keeps ripping out of my ear during conversations because they get tangled and the distance between the phone and my head gets too far.
I've been enjoying having the house all to myself this week! Dad will be home soon though. And my mimi dog. I really miss her!!! Anyways that is the update.
Happy Knitting
Kody May

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back Online

I never realized how many people read my personal blog until I made it private. Much of the previous content has been taken off since Randy and I are divorcing. I'm moving on with my life and starting to see other people. I've still got a job and my health to be thankful for. So tonight I'm enjoying some whine and pizza and taking my weekend off just for me. Rather lazily lol. I think I'm going to try another newsboy hat or perhaps another snood soon. I get lots of compliments when I wear my snood (Eclectic) to work.
Take Care and Happy Knitting.