Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In Loving Memory of Zoe April Moore

Our beloved mini daschund Zoe passed away yesterday. We had to have her suffering ended by a vet. She was full of life right until the final couple of days. She had cancer and slipped a disk in her back. Still she tried to fight it. Yesterday she was in too much pain and could no longer take food or water. I'm sure she's in a better place now.
Bandit has had a hard time with it. When she struggled these past few days he kept a constant vigil by her bed, giving her kisses and trying to feed her his fried eggs. I've never seen a dog so kind to another dog. He even appeared to cry actual tears.
She was always a very loving dog, and very well natured for her breed.
Bandit keeps looking for her. Checking under furniture and whining because he can't find her.

Rest In Peace Zoe.